$RY is burned to level up the Yield Ones NFT.

There won't be an initial offering for $RY (REALYIELD tokens). $RY will be airdropped to genesis Yield Ones NFT owners.

Burn to level up

$RY has deflationary burn mechanics. The supply of $RY is not fixed or limited. The token is "burned" to level up the Yield Ones.

The Yield Ones NFT and its level will determine the amount of $veRY (voting escrow token) the user earns per hour.

$veRY is non transferable and the amount a user owns is reset to 0 if the Yield Ones NFT is unstaked from the platform.

$veRY will determine the rewards the user obtains from their staked stablecoins.

Your amount of $veRY and your generation capability of $veRY will determine the APR of your capital yield.

In summary, the higher the level of your Yield Ones NFT, the higher the APR you can generate on the platform.

Airdrop Allocation

The token generation event for $RY will precede its airdrop distribution to holders of the Yield Ones NFT.

We will perform an undisclosed snapshot of Yield One's owners before the airdrop.

This may happen in Q2 2023. After this snapshot, holders of the Yield Ones will be airdropped a base allocation of $RY.

We will add $RY to that base allocation. This additional amount is determined by the amount of $RY you may have earned by contributing to the community in the months before the airdrop event.

You can participate in our marketing initiatives in order to increase your allocation of $RY in our Crew3 questboard, amongst other mediums.

To join our Crew3 questboard, follow this link.

You will need to mint and own a Yield Ones NFT to receive the airdrop.

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