Collectible Value

Our Genesis Yield Ones NFT collection value


The Yield Ones are a unique NFT collection because of their ability to merge elements of DeFi with NFTs. This practical utility is the basis of of our unique NFT design.


Our genesis collection has unique features and attributes in our ecosystem. Both visually and from an utility perspective.

Our genesis Yield Ones collection is a PFP generative collection where the art is 100% unique and does not attempt to mimic any past collection (AKA forking the art).

The genesis Yield Ones NFT will share a trademark blue color that will never be repeated or seen again in our ecosystem, amongst other attributes that easily allow for the recognition of the genesis status.

Supply Scarcity

Scarcity is a major selling point for every NFT brand.

This is also true for Community Finance’s Yield Ones. Our supply of the genesis collection is yet to be determined but it will not be over 4444 NFTs.

This limited supply will help increase the floor price for the Yield Ones and drive secondary demand due to the fact the Yield Ones are necessary for liquidity miners to provide liquidity to Community Market.


The biggest value proposition of our genesis Yield Ones, is their ability to passively generate the platform token $RY - REALYIELD.

$RY will have multiple uses in our platform:

  1. It will be used to level up the NFTs.

  2. It is used as an incentive to protocol adoption.

  3. It is rewarded for swaps in our stable DEX.

  4. It is used as a medium of value in our future partner program.

This will keep Yield Ones scarce on the aftermarket because owners will want to hold them.

Genesis Yield Ones will be specially valuable to future liquidity miners! This may induce significant speculative value to the genesis collection.

Genesis Yield Ones have the unique ability to generate $RY, since $RY is used to level up Yield Ones. This essentially means that your genesis Yield One is able to auto-level up over time.

Liquidity from Royalties

A portion of the Yield Ones royalties goes to a liquidity pool for $RY.

This essentially means that the royalties are shared with the GENESIS holders.

Whenever a secondary sale is generated, a portion of the collected royalties will be paired with $RY and deposited in a liquidity pool to be determined.

$RY Generation is an exclusive trait of the genesis Yield Ones.

Exclusive Airdrop

The genesis Yield Ones will have an airdrop event once we launch the staking dashboard. An undisclosed snapshot will be taken of the holders and used to distribute $RY.

There won't be an initial offering for the $RY token.

$RY will be airdropped and not sold at an ICO.

You can increase your $RY airdrop allocation by actively participating in our Community.

Dynamic Traits

Traits will also help increase the scarcity value of the Yield Ones.

We have plans for limited edition traits that will be equipable to your Yield One NFT.

There may be increased demand for these kinds of traits as we may add yield multipliers to these traits.

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