User Experience

Investment management is an essential component of DeFi. However, in terms of user experience, the more powerful the DeFi strategy is, the more complex to navigate it becomes.

Investment management can become very complex for unfamiliar users new to DeFi. This technical barrier to entry limits the potential for the growth of a protocol.

Community Market's unique design and user-friendly interface will help reduce this technical barrier to entry and onboard users of multiple levels of knowledge while maintaining a great experience across the board.

Even the most inexperienced users will be able to use the protocol with ease.

We have added onboarding screens and control toggles that change the amount of complexity that is displayed on the UI of the platform. Avoiding to overwhelm someone new to liquidity mining.

In Community Market, there is a simplified view that only shows basic data points, while the advanced view option shows more complex data that does not need to be seen by primary users.

With these features, new users will have no problem using Community Market.

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