The Yield Ones

What are the Yield Ones and what is their utility?

What are the Yield Ones?

The Yield Ones are a valuable NFT collection that provides access to Community Market protocol.

They allow staking of stablecoins and generate $veRY, which increases your APR based on the level and amount of $veRY generated.

The NFTs can be leveled up by burning REALYIELD tokens or buying a Genesis Yield One, which generates $RY passively and significantly increases $veRY token generation.

They are your access pass to the CoFi Ecosystem.

The Yield Ones NFT is your access pass to Community Market and Community Finance's ecosystem.

The Yield Ones are an astronaut-themed NFT collection that has substantial utility in the Community Market protocol with plans for future utility in the ecosystem.

Yield Ones NFTs have a collectable value based on the specific traits and level of the NFT.

Yield Ones will be stakable in the protocol that we are building: Community Market.

Yield Ones allow liquidity mining and increase the APR of staked stablecoins.

The increase in APR is determined by the level of the Yield One NFT and the amount of $veRY they have generated.

The value of a Yield One NFT is determined by its unique traits and especially its level.

The level of a Yield One NFT is practical because it allows it to generate more $veRY while staked.

Utility Summary

  • Art collectible value.

  • Allowing users to stake stablecoins in the Community Market platform and be rewarded for it.

  • Generate $veRY daily while staked.

  • Level up to increase rewards in Community Market, from both the liquidity miner and swap side.

  • Allow access to the rewards for swapping in Community Market.

Our Genesis Yield Ones also generate $RY while staked.

Leveling up

There are two ways to level up a Yield One.

The first and most common way will be to burn $RY - REALYIELD tokens.

Each level will have a requirement on the amount of $RY that needs to be burned for that level.

The other way to level up a Yield One is to buy a genesis Yield One that auto levels over time.

The genesis Yield Ones are especially valuable because they allow for significant $veRY token generation and they also generate $RY passively from staking.

The Yield Ones will be sold in a presale and a public sale.

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