Types of Yield Ones

Genesis Yield Ones

There are 2 types of Yield Ones NFTs.

The genesis Yield Ones NFTs, a limited collection with unique utility.

The future open edition Yield Ones, available after the launch of Community Market, functioning as a member pass.


The genesis Yield Ones are a limited edition, exclusive, and have a variety of benefits and unique traits including:

  • Unique visuals.

  • Passive generation of $RY via staking.

  • Higher $veRY generation.

  • Access to our $RY Airdrop.

  • Auto-leveling overtime, from burning the self generated $RY.

  • Unique future benefits.

  • Unique exclusive snapshots.

These Genesis NFTs can only be purchased during our initial presale and public sale.

To purchase during the pre-sale, a user will need a whitelist spot.

To gain a whitelist spot, you need to check into the Crew3 platform of Community Finance (at the link below), accomplish the necessary quests, and claim your spot from the available quests.


OE (Open Edition) Yield Ones

The OE Yield Ones will be an open edition and used as an access pass to the platform.

OE Yield Ones do not possess the benefits of genesis Yield Ones, but they still contain the natural utility benefits previously defined in this document.

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