The Auto-Allocation feature will help the user optimize their APR. It balances tokens into the most profitable amounts for each pool.

Pools with less liquidity are rewarded more because more liquidity is needed for swaps with that token. Auto-Allocate can increase your total rewards by allocating your initial tokens to optimize your rewards.

Users will have the option to use the Auto-Allocation feature when they stake in the Community Market platform.

This allows the user to stake a single or multiple stablecoins. When they do, the system will follow the steps below:

  • Purchase an NFT with the level desired to achieve a higher APR

  • Stake the NFT

  • Exchange their stablecoins in a way to balance their rewards

This feature will save users from needing to complete the following manually steps:

  • Swap their stablecoins from 1 stablecoin to each supported stablecoins

  • Approve deposit, deposit, approve stake, and stake each stablecoin

  • Purchase their NFT

  • Purchase $RY (our REALYIELD token)

  • Use the purchased $RY to level the user's new NFT

  • Stake the NFT

Auto-allocation is an optional component. It provides access to the following additional components:

  1. Auto-Balance

  2. Auto-Compound

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