How to Level Up a Yield One

Yield Ones are level-based. This means that they increase in utility and should increase in value the more a user levels them.

A user will be able to level a Yield One through the platform in the NFT staking dashboard.

Burn to level!

You can level up your NFT by burning $RY.

The amount of $RY to burn to level will be dynamically adjustable to the circulating supply, and it will exponentially increase from level to level.

Level to earn!

Users that swap tokens in our stable DEX will benefit from having higher level Yield Ones. The level of your NFT and the size of the swap will influence the rewards you have access to.

Rewards are given in the form of collectible NFTs and / or $RY.

Liquidity miners are required to own a Yield Ones to provide liquidity.

By leveling up their NFT, liquidity miners will gain a higher $veRY production. $veRY dictates the APR of a liquidity miner.

Liquidity Miners will want to level up their Yield One in our platform or source a previously leveled Yield Ones from the secondary market. Liquidity Miners may be a constant source of buying pressure on the secondary markets.

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