(III) Stake Your NFT To Farm $veRY

Depositors can receive additional pool fees and boost their APR by staking an NFT and leveling it up.

$veRY will be generated from a staked NFT and its level based on the Daily veRY Allocation (DVA). This Daily veRY Allocation will display on the NFT tab.

Your NFT will produce a maximum $veRY equal to 300 times the Daily veRY Allocation (DVA) correspondent to its level.

To increase your $veRY generation, you “Level Up” your NFT.

You accrue $veRY every second that you have an NFT staked. In the NFT Staking menu, you’ll find your $veRY balance and the mine rate of $veRY per day.

You will be able to level up your NFT by burning $RY.

After your Yield One NFT is added or leveled up, your booster APR % will appear in your staked pool view.

You can withdraw your NFT any time. However, your accumulated $veRY will drop to 0 as soon as you unstake.

$veRY is neither transferable nor tradable.

Genesis Yield Ones

In addition to $veRY, genesis Yield Ones NFT will auto-generate $RY when staked.

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