Providing Liquidity

Community Market's pools will have unilateral liquidity provision. This means only one type of token is needed to provide liquidity to the system.

Liquidity pair token creation is not required to mine liquidity (provide liquidity) in Community Market.

This makes liquidity provisioning impeccably flexible and scalable.

There are currently three tokens in our stablecoin pools (USDC, USDT, and DAI).

By depositing liquidity, you may mine stablecoins based on a variable share on transaction fees collected from each asset swap in the future.

Unlike previous-generation liquidity pools, pool composition or pool size will not pose significant impact for deposit and withdrawal of single-sided tokens, even in bulk.

That being the case, we will make certain that addition or removal of new tokens to the main pool is scaled naturally, hence securing 100% exposure to single-asset utilisation.

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